What Is An IT Audit And Does Your Business Need One?

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The IT landscape is changing all the time but when you’re busy running your business, it’s hard to keep on top of the latest security and infrastructural developments. You might think that your IT systems are secure and you’re exploiting your network to its fullest potential. However, chances are, you’re under-utilising your infrastructure and your security may not be as robust as you think. The only way to ensure that your IT systems are maximising your company’s potential is by outsourcing an IT audit.

But what is an IT audit and how do you know when your business requires one?

What Is An IT Audit?

An IT audit is simply an inspection of everything your existing IT system offers and how well it is performing. With an IT audit from Productiv, our experts will check your:

• Cyber security
• Staff productivity, policies and IT personnel
• Hardware and infrastructure
• Cost efficiency
• Licensing and regulatory compliance

The objective of an audit is to ensure your IT system is working to its fullest potential. The goal is to provide you with a baseline to then help you devise IT solutions that will best serve your short and long-term business goals.

Types Of Audit

Our specialists can advise you how often you should arrange a general IT audit that covers all the areas outlined above. You can also instruct audits for specific purposes, for example, if there’s been a security breach, a change in compliance or IT laws, or you’ve merged with another company.

When You Need An IT Audit

How often you need an IT audit varies depending on the size and nature of your business, but it’s always worth having an IT audit whenever there’s a change in your business infrastructure. Below are the classic signs that an audit should be a top priority:

• There’s been a data or security breach
• IT budgets don’t align with economic conditions or business performance (your IT costs are inefficient and you don’t know how to manage them)
• Your IT systems no longer meet business demands

How Our IT Audit Will Help Your Bottom Line

Our experienced consultants will assess your IT expenditure and formulate a cost-effective system which meets your needs. In particular, we can offer you practical strategies for everything from security to optimisation if you don’t employ a dedicated IT team.

At Productiv, a Brisbane-based IT support and strategy consultancy, we’re pleased to serve all of your IT needs – contact us today to arrange your comprehensive audit.