Cyber Security

Vulnerability Management

Proactively safeguard assets, reduce risks, and enhance operational efficiency.

Vulnerability management transcends mere detection – it’s a strategy-oriented approach to bolstering cybersecurity defence.

Far too many businesses grapple with unseen threats lurking in their network’s shadows, exposing them to significant financial and risks. Productiv’s vulnerability management solution offers a seamless blend of state-of-the-art technology and expert guidance, designed to address potential weaknesses proactively.

Our approach ensures that no vulnerability goes undetected, and every risk is effectively managed. 
By prioritising actionable insights, we empower businesses to maintain robust cybersecurity postures in an increasingly uncertain digital landscape.

Features of our Vulnerability Management service

Understanding every facet of vulnerability management is essential for comprehensive protection.

Full Risk Visualisation

Fully understand and categorise risks
in the context of your unique environment.

Comprehensive Analysis

A unified view of vulnerabilities, configuration issues, and compliance violations.

Asset Discovery

Discover and catalogue all technological assets connected to your network efficiently.

Proactive Detection and Patching

Conserving valuable resources and maximising security through consistent 
and proactive patching.

Internal & External Network Scanning

Rigorous scans to identify potential weaknesses within and outside your network.

Dedicated Reporting and Advising

Monthly vulnerability reports, paired with insightful meetings with your dedicated advisor.

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