Cyber Security

Managed Detection and Response

Proactive threat management for robust security

In an environment where cyber threats continually evolve, maintaining robust threat management is essential. Productiv’s Managed Detection and Response service transcends simple monitoring, offering a comprehensive defence strategy that integrates seamlessly with your existing security framework.

Our service utilises advanced analytics coupled with the expertise of seasoned security professionals to swiftly identify, investigate, and neutralise potential threats. By providing continuous improvement and adaptation of your security measures, we ensure robust coverage and enhance the resilience of your operations, preserving the integrity and continuity of your business activities in the face of emerging cyber challenges.

Features of our MDR Service

Continuous Monitoring

Constant surveillance to pinpoint unusual activities and potential security incidents.

Threat Detection

Utilising the latest tools and methods to detect threats promptly.

Incident Response

Quick and effective actions to mitigate threats and restore systems to normal operations.

Regular Assessments

Ongoing evaluations to strengthen your security posture and adapt to new threats.

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