Cyber Security

Essential Eight Assessment

Strategically enhance your cyber defences and operational resilience.

The Essential Eight framework sets the standard in cybersecurity, offering a structured approach to enhancing organisational digital defence systems.

Productiv’s Essential Eight assessment is designed to provide businesses with a robust framework for cybersecurity, aligning with the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC)’s compliance standards. This assessment is crucial for safeguarding against a wide range of cyber threats, equipping businesses to minimise the impact of potential breaches.

Suitable for organisations of all sizes and sectors, it offers a layered defence strategy that significantly boosts cybersecurity resilience.

Essential Eight Strategies

Effective cybersecurity resilience is built on a foundation of eight key measures, each targeting a specific aspect of digital protection to comprehensively shield against various cyber threats.

Application Controls

Safeguarding your systems by managing and monitoring application usage.


Patch Applications

Regularly updating applications to mitigate vulnerabilities.

Microsoft Office Macro Settings

Adjusting settings to prevent unauthorised macro executions.

User Application Hardening

Strengthening applications against exploitation.

Restrict Administrative Privileges

Limiting access rights to essential users only.

Patch Operating Systems

Keeping operating systems updated with the latest security patches.

Multi-factor Authentication

Enhancing security with additional user verification.

Regular Backups

Ensuring data integrity and availability with consistent backup processes.

Essential Eight Maturity Model

This maturity model provides a tiered framework to evaluate and elevate an organisation’s cybersecurity practices, progressing through four distinct levels of implementation and security sophistication.

Maturity Level Zero


Basic security defences, susceptible to common cyber threats.

Maturity Level One


Basic security measures in place to deter standard attacks.

Maturity Level Two


Advanced policies to counter sophisticated security threats.

Maturity Level Three


Holistic and rapid response security measures for comprehensive defence.

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