Cyber Security

Sophos Central

Upgrade to streamlined security operations with advanced integrated solutions.

Integrating advanced security technologies under a single platform is key to robust and efficient organisational defence

At Productiv, we understand that each business has unique demands, environments, and industry challenges. We work closely with you to tailor Sophos Central to fit your specific requirements, helping you understand and mitigate inherent risks while preparing strategies to diminish the impact of potential attacks.

Through Sophos Central, we offer you a solution that not only saves time, effort, and money but also puts your security on autopilot. With information readily at your fingertips, you gain actionable insights and accurate reporting for swift and accurate responses to cyber threats.

Features of Sophos Central

Sophos Central offers a practical and streamlined approach to managing diverse cybersecurity technologies, simplifying complex security operations.

Unified Management Console

A centralised platform for managing all Sophos security technologies.

Automated Incident Response

AI-driven responses to security incidents, reducing manual intervention.

Sophos Webinars and Threat Dashboard

Access to the latest cybersecurity trends, news, and insights.

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