Cyber Security

Privileged Access Management (PAM) Solutions

Guard your digital assets with expertly managed access protocols.

Effectively managing privileged access is an increasingly critical component of any robust cybersecurity strategy for businesses. 

Our solution for managing privileged access focuses on reinforcing organisational defences to significantly reduce the risk of cyber breaches and ensuring continuous protection against digital threats. We ensure that every privileged access pathway to your mission-critical assets is comprehensively managed, monitored, and secured. Our approach includes working closely with your team to assess IT and Cyber Security compliance and creating a framework for achieving and maintaining compliance. Additionally, we implement advanced authentication methods and regular audits to further strengthen security controls.

Features of our Privileged Access Management Solutions

Our solutions are meticulously crafted to enhance your organisation’s cybersecurity infrastructure and ensure robust protection against unauthorised access.

Secret Server

Discover, manage, protect, and audit privileged access efficiently.

Connection Manager

Unified management for secure remote sessions.

Privileged Behaviour Analytics

Advanced detection of anomalies in privileged account behaviour.

Server Suite

Robust protection for servers against identity-based attacks.

Privilege Manager

Endpoint application control for workstations to ensure secure operations.

Cloud Suite

Comprehensive security for hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure.

Database Access Controller

Centralised security for database and web-based connections.

DevOps Secrets Vault

Protect essential secrets needed by DevOps teams and RPA tools.

Account Lifecycle Manager

Effective governance of service account lifecycle.

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Take a proactive approach to defend against cyber risks.

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