On-Demand Webinar

Microsoft Copilot: Discover The Top 10 Productivity Tools

Discover how Microsoft Copilot can revolutionise your daily business operations with its top 10 productivity features. This webinar will provide an in-depth guide on utilising Copilot to streamline tasks, enhance efficiency, and improve overall workflow. Learn how to harness Copilot’s capabilities to generate ideas, create presentations, draft emails, and more, all while ensuring your data remains secure and compliant.

Join Markus Waddington from Productiv for an engaging session that will walk you through the essential features of Microsoft Copilot. Understand how to integrate these powerful tools into your business processes for immediate productivity gains and strategic advantage.

Key takeaways

Markus Waddington

Service Delivery Manager, Productiv

Markus is a pivotal figure at Productiv, where he leads the integration and strategic deployment of AI technologies, including Microsoft Copilot. His expertise in enhancing operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities is crucial for navigating the complexities of AI adoption. Committed to establishing robust governance frameworks and ensuring data security compliance, Markus has been instrumental in positioning Productiv at the forefront of technology-driven business solutions, fostering innovation and maintaining a competitive edge.