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IT Assessments

Strategically assess and enhance your IT framework for superior business resilience.

Aligning IT services with business goals is key to thriving in today’s competitive marketplace.

Productiv’s IT assessment services are tailored to ensure your technology framework not only meets but also anticipates your business needs. Our process involves a comprehensive analysis of your IT and cyber security posture to establish a strong foundation for a strategy that’s as unique as your business.

This approach is designed to enhance your IT operations, ensuring they’re not just robust and secure but also perfectly in tune with your business’s direction and growth ambitions.

Features of our IT Assessments Service

Our IT Assessments seek to elevate your technology infrastructure into a strategic business asset.

IT Organisational Assessments

Assessing IT staff capability against business needs for optimised organisational structure.

IT Process and Risk Assessments

Identifying improvements in IT policies and procedures to manage risks effectively.

Infrastructure Assessments

Comprehensive analysis of your technical platforms, with gap analysis and optimisation recommendations.

Application Assessments

Evaluating application fit against business demands and technological constraints for maximum efficiency.

Disaster Recovery Assessments

Developing robust IT Disaster Recovery plans to secure systems and data against potential disasters.

Security Audits

Conducting thorough security audits to identify vulnerabilities and ensure adherence to best practices

Project Reviews

Ensuring timely completion and effectiveness of IT projects in alignment with business goals.

IT Budget Reviews

Providing guidance on IT budgeting for cost-effective technology investments.

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