Microsoft To License DXC’S Enterprise Credit Management Module

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Microsoft has excited users this month with the announcement of a new licensing agreement with DXC Technology. This will enable Microsoft to offer DXC’s proprietary enterprise credit module to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation users.

DXC acquired the Melbourne-based Microsoft partner Sable37 in April of 2018, and has since worked with the Australian firm’s development team to refine and enhance the credit management solution in order to adhere to Microsoft’s high R & D standards. This means that the solution will be released under the DXC Eclipse banner, a Microsoft partner within the DXC family. The licensing announcement from Microsoft is a testament to DXC’s ability to create this kind of high-quality solution for users, as well as confirmation of Microsoft’s commitment to meeting the development needs of their own customers.

The module gives user a broad range of capabilities when it comes to managing credit. This will include the management of chargebacks and risk scores, algorithmic credit limit suggestions to provide insight into sustainable credit, checking structures and safeguards to prevent unauthorized sales orders, reliable automated processes to assist with the reclamation of money owed and the review of existing credit limits, and more. Across the board, the suite of features provided by DXC’s module designed to meet the evolving needs of enterprise users in this area and to increase the flexibility of the organizations using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Microsoft’s research teams have witnessed the evolution of these needs among their clients in recent years, and have identified areas in which the modern enterprise client requires additional flexibility, reliability, and Technologies software for use within Dynamics 365 in many ways as direct response to this.

Muhammad Alam is the general manager of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations customers. He discussed how important the latest licensing news will be for Microsoft’s clients:

“With the addition of the new Sable37 Enterprise Credit Management solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations continues to deepen our cloud solution for customers with advance credit management requirements, “Mr. Alam said, underlining the department’s commitment to offering ongoing support to clients in an ever-changing landscape.

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