IT Assessments

Productiv’s IT Assessment Services provide you with the insights you need to guarantee that your infrastructure, apps, procedures, and projects are in line with your business objectives. Make use of our expertise to enable your business to navigate the digital world.

We’ll collaborate with your team to review your IT and Cyber Security compliance. Our team will then create a framework against the essential standard and proceed towards compliance as required.


Why an IT assessment is essential?

Each firm has its own IT environment on which it relies to perform effectively. A full IT assessment includes having your whole system evaluated and inspected. This is done with documented suggestions provided to assist you understand the condition of your technology.

An IT assessment’s ultimate purpose is to identify opportunities for improvement in your IT team, infrastructure, applications, procedures, and resources. We may help with the process by applying ways to anticipate your future expenses while considering the existing model of your systems.

Our information technology assessment services will review your technology environment from every element and give recommendations on how to enhance the general condition of your systems. We can assist you in ensuring that your systems adequately support your organisation while limiting risk, analysing procedures and practises, assisting with budgeting, and planning for the future.


What is reviewed under IT Assessments?

IT Organisational Assessments
We’ll assess IT staff capability and present organisational structure against business needs to see if any modifications are required to optimise your organisational structure.

IT Process and Risk Assessments
By examining your current IT policies, processes, and operating procedures, we will be able to identify areas for improvement, your overall level of risk, and make recommendations on how to manage it.

Infrastructure Assessments
To establish your current situation, we will review your organization’s backup protocols and technologies, as well as all technical platforms (SAN, servers, VMs, network, PCs, email, facilities, phones, and others). We will conclude the infrastructure evaluation by providing you with a Gap Analysis report that contains recommendations for attaining a Target State with optimised infrastructure and procedures.

Application Assessments
We may do a fitness assessment to see how well your application matches current and emerging business demands as well as technological restrictions. Our certified technicians also assess application portfolios, doing separate assessments of each application in the portfolio. Then, we do a thorough quality assessment, thoroughly evaluating the application’s code to determine what is working well and what needs to be updated.

IT Organisational Assessments

Infrastructure Assessments

Disaster Recovery Assessments

Project Reviews

IT Process and Risk Assessments

Application Assessments

Security Audits

IT Budget Reviews

Disaster Recovery Assessments
To guarantee that your systems and data are secure in the case of a disaster, we may work with you to develop an IT Disaster Recovery plan or test and upgrade an existing one. In order to evaluate the Disaster Recovery plan, we would first determine its parameters, conduct the test, look for any gaps, and then devise solutions.

Security Audits
Your IT infrastructure’s integration of proper security measures will be evaluated, and any weaknesses will be reported. We’ll provide recommendations on how to ensure that best practises are followed. Companies are accountable for data security, and data breaches may be quite costly. An in-depth security audit can assist prevent your company from potentially disastrous data loss.

Project Reviews
IT projects can be difficult to implement and manage. We may review the plan and status of your projects to guarantee that they are completed on schedule and with the required improvements.

IT Budget Reviews
Budgeting for IT requirements is critical for every firm. We can assist you with IT cost management by evaluating new acquisitions, upgrades, and replacements that may influence your organisation.

How Productiv offers IT Assessments?

Our recommendations after the assessment will identify the effective sourcing strategies to ensure that your IT organization can provide optimal service delivery for your business needs.

ASSESSMENT: These comprises IT and Cyber Security risk assessment of a specific business. We then provide them with a report of clear analysis of their business’ IT requirements, the most critical vulnerabilities that needs to be addressed.

REPORT: After assessment, we then provide with a report of solutions and create a roadmap to implement these changes which will help business create an efficient IT environment without worrying about Cyber Security risks or IT needs.

QUARTERLY AUDITS: Once we implement these systems, we will do IT assessments quarterly or half yearly wherein you will have complete control and visibility of your IT environment through our customised tools.

Productiv offers the below assessment tailored according to your business needs.

IT (Information Technology) Assessments

Our Information Technology Assessment assesses the technology solutions you have in place and how they support your business operations and objectives. This assessment is designed to offer an in-depth review of your present infrastructure and technology. Thus, providing you a detailed view of your needs.

Cyber Security Assessments

We provide IT security assessments to assist guarantee your organisation is protected against the newest threats. These assessments gives the transparency your business need to evaluate your current security baseline and provide crucial, actionable suggestions to strengthen your security.

Why should your business conduct IT assessments?

Every organisation faces a variety of threats ranging from highly disruptive and destructive ransomware attacks, to online fraud and the theft of data. With security reviews and technology assessments, you’ll have a view into any vulnerabilities and actions required to solve them.

Reduce Risk

With security reviews and techonology assessments, you’ll have a view into any vulnerabilities and actions required to solve them.


Gain Efficiences

Organizational evaluations can result in more effective team structures which will eventually improve your business’s efficiency.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery testing ensures that your company can recover if the worst happens through major backups and strategies.


Improved Infrastructure

Assessments will provide you with action items for replacing, updating, or modernising current tools.

Save Money

An IT budget review might help you save significant amount of money which would have lost.


Accelerate Projects

Project reviews enable your teams to overcome challenges to success with appropriate information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed Services is a type of IT outsourcing in which your company hires a third-party company. They handle some or all of your IT needs. Managed IT Services typically change from one merchant to another. However, the essential obligation is network monitoring, management, and problem resolution for your organisation’s IT frameworks.

What does a manage service provider do?

A managed service provider or MSP is a third-party company that provides IT services and support to your company.  A managed service provider (MSP) proactively keeps up with your company’s innovation. It provides remote IT assistance, develops IT disaster recovery plans, and develops business coherence agreements. Productiv is a premier Managed IT Service Provider in Brisbane, Queensland.

How does Managed Service Providers work?

An MSP assists in ensuring that your systems run smoothly, stay secure but also maintain the latest versions. For the fastest response to any issues, we assist remotely through our office. But we are also available for consultation in person. In addition, we will be available for site visits for highly skilled implementations.

How can Managed IT services help my business?

Managed IT services help businesses prevent costly downtime by proactively monitoring your network for issues and fixing them. Your risk of infection, breach and outage is reduced since your network is remotely monitored. Thus, compared to the high cost of break-fix IT services, the flat charge can save hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Why use Managed IT Services?

The goal of an MSP is to provide contractual services, measuring, reporting, analyzing and optimizing IT service operations. This aspires to become a crucial enabler for business growth. To sum up, a managed service provider offers business owners and overworked internal IT staff with affordable IT support. This comes with remote monitoring of critical networking devices like servers and firewalls. Also, data backup and disaster recovery, network security, customized software solutions, and technology evaluation and planning.

How much does Managed IT Services cost?

The majority of MSPs will charge a fixed monthly subscription fee. But the process by which this fee is calculated can vary. Not all MSPs charge the same for their services. The cost of an MSP’s service will fluctuate depending on the size of your business, the specific services you require. Also, whether the solution offers per-device, per-user, tiered pricing packages, or perhaps, a combination of these.

What if my problem can't be resolved remotely?

At Productiv, we do our best to solve problems remotely, but we also provide onsite technical assistance when needed. Also, depending on the plan you choose, this may or may not be included in your monthly invoice. Please contact us for a discussion, and we can surely arrange a site visit by our technical support.

Who can get benefit of having Managed IT Services?

For small businesses, managed IT service providers often act as outsourced IT staff or complement small internal teams. Large companies and organisations often work with managed IT service providers. In order to close gaps, increase internal IT staff, complete projects, and perform migrations.