Industry Experience

Our support teams are able to provide complete, affordable IT solutions to meet your industry specific demands and support its growth. The Productiv service team works out of our Brisbane location, which enables us to offer onsite business IT assistance in Brisbane and South East Queensland.

We can customise an IT support plan to meet your demands and your budget, regardless of the size, location, or industry of your organisation. Contact us today to start developing your ideal Managed IT support plan for your industry.

industry experience


We provide services in various Industries

We work in different industries, but we take pride in our IT experience in specific industries.

Retail & Commercial

We have wide coverage on managed IT services that allows your business to focus on what you do best. We have solutions for all businesses; small, medium and large no matter the sector of your industry.

Construction and Engineering

Developing a path forward, or even just taking the time to review and see what is current for your businesses. IT infrastructure allows you to prepare for future changes in technology and makes your business technology efficient.

Freight & Logistics

As technicians in our business having an IT background, we have a passion for all things IT. We have a world class development team that can solve any business or technology issue you may have.

Legal IT Support

We have a diverse range of expertise in this area including Operational IT, Website security, data protection, software security, cusomer privacy, and more. We can help in all areas related to cyber security. 

Accounting IT Support

Whether your company or business requires one tag or hundreds of them, we are committed to providing everything you need for electrical test and tag service requirements with our trained technicians.

Medical & Dental

We’ll collaborate with your team to review your IT and Cyber Security compliance. We then create a framework against the essential standard, and proceed towards compliance as required.

Retail & Commercial

Whether you operate from a location rented in a shopping centre, own your own facility for your company, operate business procedures from your home. You will be aware of how time-sensitive your industry is and how crucial it is to have the right information and data on hand.

Productiv is aware of this and aims to offer our business and retail clients an effective strategy that minimises IT risks. Maintaining a positive relationship with consumers and clients is crucial for commercial and retail organisations. We can help with reliable networking and technology to make this process simpler.

Our monthly IT management plan is designed to address a wide range of issues, ensuring that all aspects of your retail activity and business that take place digitally or via the internet are protected, with preventative coverage to avoid problems.

Due to the reliable IT infrastructure we put in place and our awareness of the IT requirements for retail locations, we can quickly identify the source of any difficulties you may be having while also avoiding them from happening.

Construction & Engineering

Projects in the engineering and construction industries require substantial planning, from budgeting through reporting. It is crucial to have the appropriate storage level, reliable networking, and technical software for this to be possible. We enforce this with a continuity plan that avoids risks from occurring in the first place. 

When providing IT assistance for a particular industry, we must adjust our strategy to make sure we are assisting your company in the most effective way possible. We have a monthly IT management strategy to make sure that the turnaround time for project delivery improves, with better accessibility throughout the firm.

At Productiv, we are aware of how essential information technology is to a civil engineer’s job. Our extensive knowledge of IT infrastructures best suited for professional engineer use makes us the ideal alternative when seeking assistance from an IT support system.

Freight & Logistics

While managed IT services is crucial for running a successful company, freight logistics IT help is more focused, ensuring you get the support and technological expertise you need. IT support for freight logistics revolves around maintaining a seamless operation. Various software makes sure that contact between shipping and carriers is effective and simple to pursue.

Productiv have been in this business for 15 years and we are aware of the requirements for a successful freight operation. We have all the solutions you require, from utilising your storage kind to providing you with an overview of the ideal programme to use.

Many freight management businesses struggle with a lack of storage space or insufficient cloud solutions that don’t give you what you need to administer your system effectively. With an on-premise server from Productiv, all of your storage issues will be resolved. Your cloud server will function more quickly and steadily, working from any location and becoming a crucial component of your logistic administration.

Legal IT Support

In order to provide dependable network administration and swift data recovery, we have created an amazing background dealing with law firms. In order to avoid data loss, we will establish recovery point objectives and determine recovery time objectives as necessary. Productiv also works on trustworthy cyber security measures because we are aware of the importance of the information that law firms handle.

As your client, we’ll also keep your own clients in mind as we work to safeguard their information and deploy cutting-edge technologies to improve operational efficiency. At Productiv, we want to make things simpler for your company so that your clients won’t choose to have other law firms handle their issues instead of you.

We take great pride in our dedication to providing quick responses, upholding cost effectiveness, and emphasising client happiness. Our licenced technicians will provide expert-level service to your legal company. They are well-versed in the ins and outs of maintaining IT services for law firms, with a strong emphasis on crucial data protection and cyber security.

Accounting IT Support

A secure method of data storage must be established, and accountants must maintain their technological practises current with effective management strategies that may meet client needs. Productiv has years of IT support experience and is aware of the significance of having a high level of technology, cyber security, and data backups for accounting businesses.

With the help of our monthly support charge, we will support your company as it expands. Monthly support is offered to make sure your firm maintains a proactive strategy that creates a healthy IT environment.

We believe that every industry is distinct, which enables us to provide exceptional services for accounting firms since we can identify the source of your problems. In order to assist your business, we take into account all aspects of cyber security, from understanding your IT architecture to developing reliable data backup strategies.

Since we are located in Brisbane, many accounting businesses find us to be the ideal solution for handling regional concerns. We provide our knowledge and services to businesses and clients all throughout Australia to improve the security measures of several industries.

Medical & Dental

In the medical and dentistry fields, IT assistance should make it easier for your firm to expand and keep up a fantastic rapport with patients by taking an organised, pro-active, and effective strategy.

By utilising your technological system, IT support enables you to store data more securely, manage and keep track of appointments more successfully, and guard against potential risks or cyberattacks.

We go above and beyond at Productiv to make sure you get the most out of your plan. Our goal is to offer a solution that stops problems before they start, which is crucial for medical offices.

Our preventative maintenance programme is designed to eliminate technology weaknesses or security breaches, allowing your practise to expand without being concerned about problems.

Our people take the time to understand your company or project and align suitable IT solutions and operations that work for you.

IT Audits

The first step of knowing your IT systems is to understand the existing infrastructure and operational needs.

Our experienced consultants can conduct a thorough audit of everything your current system has to offer including performance measures and security checks.

We take a holistic view of both the technical and the human operational needs backed by our systematic frameworks to ensure your IT systems are at their most productivity.

Our Service Desk is also available as a 24/7 on call service for emergency onsite visits by prior agreement at level 3 and 4 of our managed service agreements.

IT Strategies

With a completed IT assessment comes the opportunity to improve and optimise your systems. Our expert staff can discuss and recommend a variety of suitable IT strategies that will make the most of what you have and what you need in the future. This will minimise the risk and costs of investing in unsuitable technology through ill-informed IT procurement decisions.

When you partner with Productiv you can trust that the advice is in your best interest.

IT Security

When you invested in good IT infrastructure you want to be assured that it is safe and secure. IT security is an area we take very seriously from the very beginning during our vulnerability assessments. We can then provide advice and assistance with firewalls, data backup, user access and threat reduction strategies to provide you with peace of mind.

Virtual CIO

Many larger companies often have a Chief Information Officer (CIO) in staff who manages the complexities of information technology to enhance efficiency and profitability. Smaller companies can still take advantage of this executive level of management by outsourcing the expertise.

We can provide a virtual CIO service that gives you all the benefits of professional IT management without the burden of a full time staff member.

How outsourcing IT can save your budget?

  • Pay Only for the Service You Need
  •   24/7 IT Monitoring
  •  Improve Your Staff Productivity
  •  Eliminate Unanticipated Spikes in Budget
  •  Better Security
  •  Add Resources on Demand
  •  Ensure Compliance with Government Regulations

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