How IT maximises your strata management software investment

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As a strata management business, operational efficiency and client-focused processes are among your highest priorities. Outdated solutions, such as physical servers, can hinder your company’s ability to scale and meet these priorities. Moreover, IT problems can lead to downtime, impacting your ability to serve clients.

The right solutions can support your organisation in overcoming these challenges. However, you need more than quick fixes or technology upgrades. You need a partner with a deep understanding of strata management software and the solutions to support it. Here are five areas where IT can help you maximise your strata management software investment.

Cyber Security

The servers housing your software need solutions to protect sensitive data against cyber threats and breaches. An IT support partner can implement controls to prevent cyber security risks, provide continuous monitoring to block threats as they arise and develop incident response strategies to keep the business moving even during a disaster. 

A few key strategies include:

  • Compliance frameworks such as the Essential Eight Maturity Model establish a strong security posture by adhering to proven best practices. These frameworks provide a structured approach to securing information systems against common threats.
  • Vulnerability management involves identifying, assessing, and addressing vulnerabilities to prevent potential exploits. Regular scans and assessments provide the insights needed to protect systems against known vulnerabilities.
  • Privileged Access Management (PAM) restricts access to critical systems and information, minimising the risk of breaches. Your organisation can significantly reduce the attack surface by controlling who has access to sensitive data.
  • Penetration testing simulates cyber attacks to identify weaknesses in security measures before malicious actors can exploit them. This proactive approach helps organisations strengthen their defences against potential cyber threats.


Veeam’s latest Data Protection Trends report found that in 2023, 37% of servers experienced at least one unexpected outage, with cyber security events being the leading cause, followed by outages impacting infrastructure/networking, storage hardware, and application software. 

Regular server maintenance prevents downtime by identifying and rectifying potential issues before they escalate into system failures. These preventative measures are essential for sustaining high availability and ensuring that strata management software operates smoothly without unexpected interruptions.

Cloud services can also improve uptime. By migrating physical data storage and services to a cloud-based platform, strata management companies can protect their data against physical disasters, such as fires or floods, which could lead to significant data loss and operational downtime. Cloud migration offers a scalable and flexible environment, accommodating the growing operational needs of strata management companies without substantial upfront investments in physical infrastructure. Furthermore, cloud platforms typically offer security measures and redundancy to protect data from cyber threats.

Results from Veeam’s 2024 Data Protection Trends Report


Customised IT support ensures that your team has any issues resolved quickly. A provider that understands the unique requirements of strata management companies will have the experience to meet your specific needs. Providers with experience in this area will ensure your software functions optimally and improve the efficiency of those relying on it daily.

Specialised IT support also focuses on consistent software performance and availability. IT professionals with expertise in strata management software can offer tailored support, from routine maintenance to emergency response. Their knowledge allows for quick identification and resolution of issues, minimising downtime. Moreover, specialised IT support can advise on infrastructure improvements and updates to enhance system resilience, ensuring that strata management software remains reliable and accessible for its users.


Routine maintenance supports the longevity and efficiency of strata management software. By adhering to a schedule of regular checks and updates, the software remains reliable and efficient, preventing operational disruptions and unexpected downtime.

Maintenance includes preventative strategies, such as regular software updates, drive management, and comprehensive backup solutions, which are critical in preventing system failures and data loss. Updates address security vulnerabilities and improve software functionality, while drive management helps avoid hardware-related system crashes.

Backup and disaster recovery

Advanced backup systems maintain data integrity and facilitate quick recovery if you experience data loss in one system. Data backup automatically saves copies of data at regular intervals, such as every two hours, to ensure your most recent information is always available for restoration. In the event of data compromise or loss, this integration allows strata management companies to quickly retrieve lost information, minimise operational disruptions and maintain continuity.

Restoring critical systems to full functionality prevents data loss and downtime. Advanced backup solutions enable organisations to quickly revert their systems to the last secure, unaffected state before the incident occurred. Quick restoration means you can continue operations without interruption, safeguarding productivity and client trust.

Cloud solutions further enhance the reliability and speed of recovery processes, offering scalable and flexible options to minimise downtime and protect data. With data stored off-site in secure, cloud-based servers, your business benefits from additional protection against physical damage and localised system failures. Cloud backups make your data accessible from any location. So, during a disaster, you can restore information quickly to maintain resilience, regardless of the circumstances.


IT support is necessary to ensure your strata management software functions optimally and remains available. With cyber security concerns impacting businesses across Australia, you need strategies like the Essential Eight Maturity Model, vulnerability management, and penetration testing to prevent cyber threats to your software.

IT support from strata management software enhances uptime with regular maintenance and cloud services, preventing disruptions. Customised support quickly resolves issues, reduces downtime and maintains software reliability. Advanced backup systems and cloud solutions ensure data protection and quick recovery, enabling strata management companies to operate confidently with a resilient IT infrastructure.

Productiv can support your strata management software

Our IT solutions can support your strata management software through maintenance, support, cyber security, data backup and disaster recovery. We have experience working with strata management companies and developed solutions for software platforms like StrataMax. Visit our Managed IT Plans page to contact us and start your journey.