5 Reasons Your Business Should Upgrade Its Phone System To Skype For Business

Approx. Reading Time: 2 minutes

For decades, businesses have been served – and served well – by traditional phone systems. In recent years, systems have become more advanced, thanks to leaps in mobile technology and the ability to connect with a mobile crevice almost anywhere in the world.

But they are still fundamentally just developments on the old system, with no revolutionary step forward. However, things are changing, and digital platforms now afford organisations far greater control and capability than ever before.
So, is it time to upgrade your phone system to a modern digital platform such as Skype for business? Here are 5 reasons which make the Productiv team say ‘definitely, yes’.

Expand Remote Meetings With Ease

Modern business is dynamic and diverse, and its structure needs to be able to reflect this. Skype For Business makes this easy, by providing the capability for meetings with up to 240 participants. The flexibility this provides is hugely beneficial for today’s organisations.

Integrate With Office Apps For Swift Sharing

Traditional telephone systems are decidedly non-integrated. You discuss a document over the phone, and then you need to log into a different application to send the document through. Skype For Business sidesteps this with full integration with Office apps, meaning you can collaborate on documents without leaving the platform.

Better Security Through Encryption

Security is paramount, and this is an area in which traditional systems are lacking. Eavesdroppers and data thieves can access these systems, which can cause major problems for businesses. Skype For Business adds an additional layer of protection thanks to its encrypted channels.

Video Conferencing To Support Remote Teams

Point about dynamism and organizational diversity, remote teams play a big part in achieving both of these elements. Of course, to get the very best out of your remote teams, you need to have digital and hardware solutions in place which support effective work and collaboration between remote team in the deployed field. Skype For Business enables video conferencing, which in turn makes it easier to keep remote teams on the same page.

Gain The Benefit Of The Cloud

By basing your Skype For Business platform within a cloud or hybrid structure, you can achieve enhanced agility and flexibility for your business. This is a major leap forward when compared to more traditional telephone systems, which are marked by their static nature and their characteristic inflexibility.

If you would like to learn more about how Productive can help you upgrade your existing phone system to Skype For Business, or any of the other services offered by our team, simply get in touch with us today.