Solutions and their Specifications

Our efficient team has the experience and expertise to craft bespoke software applications that meet your individual requirements. Taking advantage of these solutions would simplify tasks, streamline processes and significantly improve your business operations. Our team is skilled at utilising technology to your advantage and resolving productivity issues. We are efficient in using databases and cloud to integrate tablets and smartphones. Also, other devices with IT systems that are fully connected.

Software needs the right hardware to run it. Making the right IT procurement decisions ensure that your Information Communication Technology (ICT) is scalable, flexible and works.  Productiv have the technology solutions for network-related infrastructure as well as teleconferencing. We can supply a range of boardroom equipments, including Microsoft Suit of devices, VoIP phone systems, and video conferencing.

Software Solutions

Reliable IT Software is essential to your IT operations. We have the knowledge and experience to help you with everything from simple databases to integration with the cloud.

Microsoft 365

Productiv are able to guide you through the options and integration of these powerful range of features.

Dynamics 365

Productiv are a certified Dynamics 365 partner. We are able to help you implement the power of its suite and related features to your organisation.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organisation meet business challenges.

Microsoft Teams

We can help you make the most of Microsoft’s cloud-based toolset and integrate it with your other business software.

Hardware Solutions

Whether it is network related infrastructure or teleconferencing; we have your business technology hardware solutions covered. Productiv can supply a range of video conferencing, phone systems, VoIP as well as boardroom equipment. This includes the new Microsoft Surface suite for devices.

Virtual Receptionist

Productiv have a range of Virtual Receptionists that will take the automation of your office to the next level. Check out our Touch 8 and Touch Classic ranges of VRs. We also have Hello Lisa available with full integration of Office 365.

IP Cameras

Check out our IP Cameras at Productiv providing the right surveillance business solutions for indoors and outdoors. Offering reliable and easy to use products for various scenarios with well-established brand HikVision.

Desk Phones

The desk phones available through Productiv are android-based with teams function and Bluetooth connectivity. Other T-series devices from Yealink has optimum sound quality with its own teams tailored user interface.

Conference Hubs

Ranging from open workspace personal desk meeting phones to full meeting room surface hubs; we’ve got you covered. At Productiv we have all the tools to bring technology and efficiency to your meeting rooms.

Cyber Security Solutions

We have a diverse range of expertise in online security. Areas like operational IT, website security, data protection, software security, customer privacy and more. To sum up, Productiv can help in all areas related to cyber security.

Our team at Productiv can help plan and provide cyber security services that fit your business demands and industry. We can also assist you in recognising the threats that are present. Also, we offer solutions to reduce the effects of a cyberattack on your company. In terms of online security, we have a diverse range of expertise. This includes operational IT, website security, data protection, software security, customer privacy, and more.

Sophos helps to combine anti-malware, web and application control, device control. It works typically as an agent which communicates with console and functions as the only software for off-site computers. In addition, check out Sophos Central Page to find out more of latest trends, news, threats, and webinars. Here, you can learn what is current in the world of cyber security.

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